El ICE anuncia su nuevo calendario 2012 de cursos de microcirugia y laparoscopia, estan abiertas las inscripciones via web. Recomendamos hacer sus solicitudes con antelaciòn . Los cupos se llenan muy ràpido, y queremos darles el mejor servicio.

Publicado: 2012-05-23


Los días 17 y 18 de Mayo de 2012 se realizó con éxito el Curso Básico de Cirugía Laparoscópica, en la sede del Instituto de Cirugía Experimental de la Universidad Central de Venezuela, con la participación de 12 medicos Venezolanos Cirujanos, Ginecologos, Cirujanos Pediatras. El&n...

Publicado: 2012-05-21

Improve your health care business

Any business or company requires to be promoted in order to be successful. Whether your business is related to economics, finance, retail, health care or real estate, you have to invest in it if you want to sell more and achieve a greater number of customers. Depending on what you sell and how you sell, you can make your business profitable or not. Yet, if you work in health care sector and you wish to increase your incoming, you should use the most recent technology and apply marketing automation to make sure that you will accomplish your goals.

Your business can get more popular

Surgeons might not be interested in this, but the company that they work for can achieve more customers efficiently if they invest in promoting their business. These marketing ideas may seem nonsense for surgeons having to deal with patients, but somebody has to take care of the business if they want to get more profit. If you adopt the most recent technology by https://www.retargeting.biz certain customers, based on their social media profiles and preferences, you can earn a lot more and make your business increasingly popular.

Customer data will be carefully and thoroughly analysed through marketing automation, which is actually a software that sends personalised and useful content to your prospects. But this software is a lot more complex than that: it automates and measures workflows and marketing tasks, it analyses the customer behaviours and interactions then it sends useful information through various advertising campaigns. Whether your customers prefer direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing or other campaigns for publicity, with marketing automation and retargeting you will reach to these clients and present your business in a good light, showing the advantages that your clients may want to use.

This promoting method gets more and more popular amongst all types of businesses, regardless of the business domain or field. Not just the online store Amazon uses marketing automation. Many other companies – big, medium and even small companies – use these techniques and strategies to improve their business, raise their revenues and win more customers. Even if your business includes health care, retail, manufacture or financial services, you can use retargeting and still achieve the success you want.

If you are a surgeon and you have not learned too many things about economics and marketing at your medical school, it probably means that you need professional assistance in order to make your business profitable and more popular. Apply the retargeting strategies, attract the attention of your prospects, send them the information they need and give them discounts that will appeal them use your medical services.

Use marketing automation to encourage more people to become your clients! Bond a stronger and more satisfying connection with your prospects, send them attractive and useful information and give them discounts and promo codes in order to make them become your customers. Regardless of how big or small is your project, you should use the marketing automation strategies to promote retargeting your prospects. Increase the popularity of your business and enhance your profits efficiently!